A Powerful Image of Easter

Writer Warren Wiersbe shares the following true story: In 1930, King George V of England was set to deliver an important live radio broadcast. But minutes before the broadcast, someone tripped over a wire in the CBS radio studio in New York City and over a million radios went silent. A young mechanic named Harold Vivian quickly fixed the problem. He picked up both ends of the cable and allowed the current to pass through his body. It was low voltage, but still his arms shook from the current. But he hung on long enough for the King’s message to be heard until the wire could be repaired. He became a conduit for the King’s message to be heard.
That’s a powerful image for us. The King of Kings is speaking and He wants to broadcast His message of hope and salvation through us. Are you willing to be the channel through which others can hear His message? You can do that by putting your faith to work and sharing the Good News of a risen Savior. I urge you to invite someone today to one of our Easter Services tomorrow. Let’s tell our corner of the world that there is hope and salvation because He is Risen!
Happy Resurrection Day!
Pastor Ron

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