A Word from a Bird

There’s a story told by Tony Evans that makes me smile. It seems there was a woman who found that she was rather lonely and sometimes depressed following her husband’s passing. She needed something in her life to fill her time and lift her spirit. So she took a trip to the pet store, purchased a parakeet, and brought the bird home. She began to speak to the parakeet, but the bird would not talk back. The woman talked and talked for more than a week but there was no response.

The widow went back to the pet store and explained the problem to the proprietor. He said, “Oh, you should get a mirror. The bird needs to see itself in the mirror, and then it will feel at home and began to talk.” She bought a mirror and placed it in the cage. But a week later the bird still would not talk.

The lady went back to the pet store and this time the owner said, “You need to get a swing. The parakeet has to be on the swing and swinging while looking at itself in the mirror in order for it to be talking.” So she bought the swing, put it in the cage, and began talking to her bird. But still the bird wouldn’t talk.

A week went by and the lady returned to the pet store complaining, “That crazy bird still won’t talk.” The man said, “There’s one more thing you can do—get a ladder so the parakeet can walk up and down it. Then the bird will feel better and began talking.” Begrudgingly, she bought the ladder and another week went by without the bird talking. However, at the end of the week, the bird fell over dead.

The widow was angry now and marched back to the pet store and told the owner, “That parakeet you sold me died. I bought the mirror, bought the swing, bought the ladder, and that bird didn’t say a mumbling word. It just fell over and died.”

The owner said, “I cannot believe it died. It didn’t say anything before it died?” She said, “Well, actually, after it fell over, it looked up with one eye open and said, “Don’t they serve any food at that pet store?”

Okay, I admit that’s a groaner! But seriously think about this: Nothing that you add to your life can take the place of feeding on God’s word in life. Even as we are crafted physically to eat food, we are made spiritually to receive nutrition from God’s word—and nothing can take the place of this heavenly food. You will suffer spiritual malnutrition (or worse) if you do not feast on God’s word daily in Bible reading and sit regularly under Bible teaching/preaching.

The prophet Ezekiel was given a vision from God in which he was told to eat the scroll of God’s word. Ezekiel ate God’s word and found it to be good for him and sweet as honey to his taste (Ezekiel 3:1-3). If you will feast on God’s word you will find that not only will it make you stronger but it will taste sweet in your life. As the psalmist said, “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth” (Psalm 119:103).

I trust you will chew on this morsel of truth from God’s word today. And I hope to see you Sunday as we feast on God’s word from Matthew 11:1-11 with the topic What About Doubt?

Devotedly yours,

Pastor Ron


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