Approaching Storms and Neighborly Concerns

A storm alert can serve a useful purpose when a severe storm is nearing your location. Who would not want to be warned when danger is imminent and the safety of your family is paramount? Charles Swindoll tells a story on this subject worth remembering-

Pastor Bruce D. Weaver and his wife drove in their car to pick up their son from Vacation Bible School. The sky was growing dark and there was a storm watch in effect, but no rain was falling yet. The theme for their Vacation Bible School had to do with Noah’s ark and the flood, so he joked with some of the adult leaders about going to great lengths this year with special effects. By the time he arrived home with his wife and son, the wind was blowing fiercely and lightning bolts were coming down all around them. They hurried inside the house and began to shut windows. Within a few moments they were without electrical power. They tucked their son into bed, trying not to betray their concern regarding the severe weather conditions outside. Suddenly the telephone rang. It was their neighbor informing them that a “tornado warning” had been issued for their area. That meant a funnel cloud actually had been sighted somewhere near. Weaver asked him why the siren in their small town was not sounding. The neighbor said that the siren could not be sounded because of a power outage. He further explained that he had heard on his police scanner instructions for everyone who could hear the scanner to call their neighbors to inform them of the “tornado warning.” Weaver was thankful for his concern and he was also thankful that the funnel cloud sighted that evening caused no damage or destruction to his family nor anyone else in their area.

Later that evening, Pastor Weaver thought about his neighbor’s concern for his safety and he reflected upon his own concern, or lack thereof, for his neighbors. But it is all the more important to inform neighbors that a “code red” has been issued by God, because in due time Jesus Christ will return.

With the approaching storms facing this world, we have a neighborly responsibility to share with those around us the safety that one can find in the arms of Jesus. This is life-saving information. This is Good News! Why would we not want to share with others the Gospel of Christ Jesus? This coming week is our own Vacation Bible School and it is a wonderful opportunity to fulfill this great responsibility. As a Church Family, we will never do anything better than tell others about Jesus! So let’s do it!

Devotedly yours,

Pastor Ron


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