Don’t Lose Hope

I’ve got a question for you: How important is a person’s outlook on life?Personally, I have always thought it is hugely important. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” If we go through life with low expectations, then we will probably not be disappointed! We will be like Charlie Brown in the Peanuts cartoon strip at the beginning of a baseball season. He was approaching the new season with low expectations. Linus says, “Remember, Charlie Brown, you win some and you lose some.” Charlie responds, “That would be nice.”

In reality, life is filled with wins and losses. We all have our victories and defeats. The key in the Christian walk though is to never lose hope in the One who is in charge and who determines your finish in life.  The Psalmist said, “Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and God” (Psalm 42:5).

Dear Christian, let me suggest three reasons to have a positive hope:

·       God is with us
·       God is watching over us
·       God is working in us

If we remind ourselves of these truths in the challenging storms of life, it will help us to navigate through the rough waters of adversity and into the calm seas of God’s peace. It is necessary, as the psalmist wrote, to put your hope in God. A perspective of hope changes the way we approach our days. Remember this: The way you view life makes all the difference in what you do in life. So live with hope in God and confident expectations of God. I know you can and hope you will…

Devotedly yours,
Pastor Ron


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