Don’t Play This Game

Over the years, I have heard of people who will go to a clothing store and buy a nice suit or dress to wear at a formal event. They will hold on to the tag and then return the apparel the next day. They never really intended to buy the outfit; they just wanted to use the clothing for their own purpose and then return it. They are running a game on the establishment. I don’t recommend it and I hope you don’t do that…

I can speak more personally of something similar I have observed in church life. There are some who come to church and say they are buying into what the church is selling (so to speak). They enjoy church! They like the Gospel! They say they want God and what He offers and desire to align their life with God’s purposes and God’s people. But, after a while, when the demands of Christ interrupt their own personal agenda and inconvenience their own lifestyle, it is plain to see they are returning the gospel to pursue their own dreams and desires (which have nothing to do with God). It is as though they are running a game on God. 

In our passage from last Sunday’s message, we read about Jezebel, who called herself a prophetess (Revelation 2:20.) She was trying to scam the Great I Am. It didn’t work! Jesus said, “I am he who searches the hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds” (Revelation 2:23). 

Learn the lesson: Never try to run a game on God. It never works and it is dangerous! Be sincere and true in all you say and do! Remember our Lord Jesus searches our hearts and minds… 

Devotedly yours, 

Pastor Ron 


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