Flat On Your Back

I have shared about faith in recent weeks and I will add some final thoughts on this subject today. But first think about what we have learned—

Our capacity for exercising faith is completely dependent on our growth in grasping the goodness and greatness of our God. The more that I understand how awesome is my God the better able I am to trust Him. A great God produces a big faith! If you want to grow your faith, begin by learning more about God.

But ultimately you learn faith by exercising faith. As I have said, you don’t learn to fish by reading books on fishing or learn to fly by studying airplanes. You learn these things by doing these things. You learn to trust God by trusting Him.

However, there is a problem with this because most of us tend to not trust Him until we have to. It is human nature to not want to let go. As long as I have one more trick up my sleeve, one more dollar in the bank, I am going to rely on me. Until disaster strikes!Generally speaking, most of us won’t trust God until we have to. So—

God sees to it that we have to. It’s true! He puts us into situations where the only way out is up. Sink or swim. The Puritans called it “being shut up to God.”

I spoke with a dynamic Christian woman and IMB missionary about the secret to her Christian life. She told me that earlier in her life a series of bad decisions put her flat on her back. She told me the thing about being flat on your back is that you have no place to look but up. She said in that helpless position she looked up to God and that is what changed her life for good. She learned her greatest lesson on faith while flat on her back. God knows how to position us in such a way that we have no choice but to look to Him. That is when we see the difference that faith brings to our life.

Israel was stuck between Pharaoh’s army and the Red Sea. God maneuvered the situation to where they had no choice other than trust or nothing. He will do the same for you and me. The promise of God is not that you won’t face a Red Sea; it is that you will come out the other side. This you will do if you choose to trust.

Why is it so important to learn these lessons on faith? Understanding these things will help you to understand better how to respond in the circumstances of life. Always remember: Use every opportunity to learn faith in a real life adversity.

Devotedly Yours,
Pastor Ron


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