God of Second Chances

Football season is just around the corner and I like that. God made the fall for football—everybody knows that! This week I was watching an ESPN report on Frank Reich, head coach for the Indianapolis Colts, and my mind wandered to the first time I heard his name and saw him play. At the time, he was the back-up quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. It was on January 3, 1993 in the AFC First-Round Playoff Game and after halftime the Bills were down 32 points to the Houston Oilers. Frank Reich entered the game in the third quarter and led the Bills to the greatest comeback in NFL history. They won the game in overtime 41-38 in what may have been the most exciting game I have ever seen. I will probably never see a comeback like that again. What made it even sweeter is that Frank Reich is a devoted Christian and one I have admired from a distance since that amazing comeback.

As you know, in football there is a thing called Halftime, which is an extended break in the middle of the game where players can collect themselves and coaches can give instruction and encouragement. The beauty of Halftime is that players can then come out on the field after Halftime, get a fresh start and, if needed, spend the next half turning the game around. No matter how many mistakes the team made in the first half, they can make things right in the second half. That’s what Frank Reich and the Buffalo Bills accomplished in the greatest comeback game in NFL history.

There are many people who have a really bad first half in their life. The Good News is that God has a way of giving us a Halftime experience where he puts us at rest for a while to teach us important things about ourselves and our struggles. Then He puts us back in the game to do a great job in the second half of our life. I believe profoundly in a God of second chances. I am not alone in this—so does Jacob, Moses, Jonah, Samson, David, Peter and Paul. And lots of others today!

If God is willing to give you a second chance—a second half, then why don’t you trust Him to do it and expect great things in it. Your best days may very well be ahead of you! Expect great things for your future! And always—Be thankful for a God of second chances!

Devotedly Yours,

Pastor Ron


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