God’s Rules 4 Life

I am excited this Sunday, June 27, to begin a new series on God’s Rules 4 Life (Ten Commandments). As this series unfolds you will begin to see not only the reason for each individual command but the healthy benefit of God’s Laws collectively as a code for living. God is the One who constructed us and He is the One who has instructed us in His owner’s manual on how to get the most out of our life and stay healthy while doing it. Every command of scripture comes from God’s heart of love and for some beneficial purpose. So obedience to each command brings joy and blessing!

Admittedly, the Ten Commandments may seem narrow on the surface. But so is a highway which takes us to our preferred destination. No driver, in his right mind, wants to run off the narrow strip of pavement and into some field, or bed of water, or crash into some tree, or slide down some steep embankment and end up in a fiery wreck. The narrow strip of pavement is really the safe and comfortable way to reach the place we want to be. God’s Rules 4 Life may seem rigid and restrictive but it is the way to a happy and fulfilling life. We would be wise if we would follow His way.

So this Sunday, June 27, join us in worship (9:30 am or 11:00 am) as we study Rule # 1 – Let Nothing In Your Life Be More Important Than God (Exodus 20:1-3). By the way, I’ve had a sneak preview of the praise and worship and it is going to be so exciting and uplifting! One more thing: this Sunday in worship we will have one final opportunity to express our love and appreciation to Jane Johnson (our Children’s Director for the last 16+ years). We will also be happy to announce and introduce our new interim Children’s Director at FBC Pompano. I can hardly wait until Sunday!

Have a great day—and see you on Sunday!Devotedly yours,

Pastor Ron


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