Here’s Some Good Advice

Years ago, singer Willie Nelson gave his twenty-three-year-old daughter some unusual advice. He told her, “Paula, look at everything I do closely, and do the opposite.”

By way of contrast, at about the same age, the Apostle Paul said,“Follow my advice, as I follow the example of Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:1). That sounds like pretty good advice! I’m sure we should all strive to follow the example of Paul. Maybe if we do—we, too, will serve as an example of a good example!

Can you imagine the kind of impact the Apostle Paul has made in people’s lives over the years and even today as a result of his resolve to follow the example of Christ? I wouldn’t know how to begin to make an estimate of his accumulative influence…

I have read that one kernel of wheat in the ground produces a stalk bearing three heads of wheat. In each head, there are fifteen to thirty-five kernels, altogether producing somewhat close to a hundred kernels from the stalk. When planted, these kernels will produce ten thousand kernels. When those ten thousand are replanted, they produce a million kernels.

What’s true for Paul is true for us all. As followers of Christ, if we life out our faith, we have an opportunity to positively influence lives around us. We have the ability to make a difference in someone’s life—perhaps many! It’s truly amazing the impact one life can have if we begin where we are… Think about it!

Devotedly yours,

Pastor Ron


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