It’s a Big Deal

A woman took a crafts class on how to make wax objects and figurines. The class teacher was a local artist who had exacting standards and seldom passed out praise. The teacher constantly criticized this woman’s efforts, no matter how good the wax figures looked. The woman tried harder each week, but still the criticism increased. On the last night of the class the woman brought her final project, an apple, and placed it in front of the demanding teacher. The teacher immediately began criticizing the color, shape, and texture of the wax apple. When she finished, the woman picked up the apple and took a big bite out of it. It was a real apple!

That story makes me smile—but it makes a good point as well. Not everyone recognizes what’s real. That’s true in many aspects of life. It’s also true when it comes to the important subject of worship. For worship to be meaningful and impactful, it must be real! Worship should be real because it’s a big deal!

So what is real worship? Well, first of all, worship is not nothing! (Excuse the double negative). It is something! You can’t be doing just anything and call it worshipping. Worship is not dozing, or dreaming, or working, or playing, or TV watching, or salt-water fishing, or house painting, or trip taking, or novel reading, or bird watching, or star gazing, or grass cutting, or dog walking, or beach enjoying, or puzzle solving, or sitting around in your pajamas donut eating & latte drinking… Okay, you get the point! Worship is specifically something! What is it?

Worship is our response to God’s presence! Worship=Weorth(worth) + Ship (state of). It is acknowledging God’s state of worth in our life. Why should we do this? It is because— “Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise” (Psalm 48:1). And— “Give unto the Lord the glory due His name, worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness” (1 Chronicles 16:6). God has been good to us and gracious with us, so He is deserving of honor and glory from us!

Stated simply, there is nothing in your life more important than your relationship with God. Worship deserves priority! When should we do this? In general—Always! (1Thessalonians 5:16-18). But specifically, Scripture teaches us to rise early and seek the Lord in worship and prayer (Psalm 113:3, 119:147). Also, the New Testament (and the early church’s writings) teach us the church, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and direction of the early apostles, set aside the first day of the week to gather for worship (Luke 24; Acts 20:7; 1 Corinthians 16:2; Revelation 1:10). This practice began on Resurrection Day and has continued up to this past Sunday. All of this to say: The Worship of our Lord is a Big Deal!

I would add something: When we worship, God deserves Our Utmost for His Highest! (Oswald Chambers). The psalmist said, “Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, praise His Holy Name!” (Psalm 103:1). Our God, who means the world to us, deserves worship with all that is within us. God deserves our best—nothing less!

One final word: this may sound a bit preachy today but that’s okay—I am a preacher! I get to do that! The reason I am so passionate about this subject is this: I am jealous for the honor of God! As a servant of my Lord & Savior, I am declaring to you that He is deserving of Highest Honor! God is so Good! Let’s Worship Him Together! That’s all I am going to say—today. See you in church tomorrow!

Devotedly your Pastor,



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