Learn To Love Like That

A married couple seemed to always be fussing about something—really anything. One day it got especially heated as they angrily argued over some particular issue. Finally the wife suggested they write down all of their complaints with one another and sit down to resolve them once and for all. So they both sat down at the kitchen table with pens in hand and each with a piece of paper. They began to write and write…

The husband would pause every so often, look at his wife, and then write some more. The wife would pause every now and then, look at her husband, and write some more. This went on for some time but then finally the wife finished, put her pen down, and waited for her husband to finish. She waited and waited…

After some time, the husband was still writing and even got more paper. Well, this infuriated the wife, who had completed her list of complaints. Yet the husband continued to pause every few minutes, look at his wife, and then write some more.

Finally, the husband completed his very long list. Of course, the wife was both angry and teary eyed by the time she and her husband exchanged the papers to begin to discuss their list of complaints and hopefully resolve the issues.

As soon as she began to look at her husband’s list, while he looked at her list, she felt terrible. She wished she could take back her list. For when she looked at her husband’s list she found that, despite any hurt he may feel or complaints he might have, he had written repeatedly how much he loved his wife and why he loved her so. He wrote lines like, “Sometimes you make me angry but you are the best thing in my life. At times you try my patience but I need to remember how much you have to put up with me and how much you have done for me. Sometimes I don’t think you are listening to me or understand what I am feeling but, then again, there is no one who knows me better and could ever love me more. My few complaints do not compare to all the happiness you have brought to my life…”

When the wife read through her husband’s comments she was so overwhelmed by his lavish expressions of love that she forgot the argument which had started all this in the first place.

When people love one another like that, then that kind of love covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8). So we must learn to love like that…

Devotedly yours,

Pastor Ron


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