Looking for Christ’s Return

I want to share with you a funny story from back home…

A Louisiana game warden had been tracking Boudreaux, the infamous Cajun poacher. Late one night he stumbled upon the criminal’s cabin. Climbing upon the roof, the game warden waited for the dawn, hoping to jump the poacher as he emerged.

The game warden after a restless night of trying to keep quiet and be still, heard Boudreaux making breakfast the next morning. The smell of bacon frying and coffee brewing became a temptation to his stomach. Then, to his surprise, Boudreaux came to the door and yelled, “Hey game warden, you might as well come on down and have some breakfast with me!”

Over breakfast, the game warden asked how the wily Cajun had known he was waiting on the roof. Boudreaux grinned. “I didn’t, but I do that every morning just in case you are!”

That story makes me smile, but it serves as a practical reminder as well. We all should be anticipating Christ’s return. Jesus said,“Behold I am coming soon!” (Revelation 22:7). Live today like Jesus is coming back tonight!

Devotedly yours,
Pastor Ron


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