Lost and Found

I ran across an article recently written by a woman from St. Augustine whose husband, an airline pilot, was constantly asking where certain items were located in their house. This had become annoying to the wife and so, on one occasion, when her husband asked where the salt was—she answered sarcastically, “How on earth can you find Detroit at night in a blizzard, but you can’t find the salt in your own kitchen?” The husband responded, “Well darling, they don’t move Detroit!”

It can be frustrating when things get lost, but it is heart-breaking when people are lost. Jesus cared about the lost and spoke to this concern. In Luke 15 Jesus told stories about the lost silver, the lost sheep, and the lost son. The first two stories teach us to go out of our way to find that which is lost. The third story reminds us to welcome those who are lost and receive joyfully all who come to Christ!

I wonder if you know anyone who is lost… Is it possible you for to reach out to someone—a friend or acquaintance or possibly a family member—and share the Good News of Jesus? I would remind you that with Easter Sunday approaching on April 17, it might be a good time to invite them to come to church with you and maybe enjoy lunch afterwards. I will be sharing a message on our Resurrected Lord on that day—it would be a good day to reach out to someone you care about who needs to hear the Gospel. I hope you will pray about this—and then act on it! Perhaps you have someone in your life who will sometime soon be able to say, “I once was lost, but now am found!” I pray it is so!

Devotedly yours,
Pastor Ron


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