On the Bright Side

You know we’ve been through some difficult days over the last nine weeks of this Coronavirus quarantine—and it’s not quite over yet. Though the number of new cases is considerably down in Florida (and for that we can be grateful), yet there are still new cases reported every day. Also, have you seen the job reports? Unemployment is way up—too high—if you ask me. I think we all know that people need to get back to work and fortunately businesses are starting to open up in Broward next week. Also, we’ve all been nervous at some time in this crisis over a lack of certain supplies like hand sanitizer solution and tissue. I got upset last week when I read that Wendy’s was starting to run out of meat—it reminded me of their commercial a few years ago. Remember the funny lady’s question: “Where’s the beef?” Fortunately, I had some friends this week successfully pick up and bring me here at the church a Wendy’s single & fries—so I am feeling better about it. And really we should be feeling better about a lot of things and striving to look on the bright side of things… 

Think about it. Sure we’ve been through some difficult days, but it hasn’t been all bad. For example—Gas has been cheap. I heard a guy say a few weeks ago that he was getting about 3 weeks to the gallon. (That made me smile). It’s true that retail has not done well. For example, clothing apparel sales is way down but it’s not all bad—pajama sales are up 130%. I kid you not—it is the new rave—it seems that some people change in the morning from their nighttime pajamas to their daytime pajamas. And guess what? Next week we will be able to get haircut appointments and that’s a relief. Admit it—for some time we’ve all had bad hair days—really a bad hair year. But the positive side of it is that when we went out in public, since we were all wearing masks—nobody recognized us! Also, I admit I whined a bit early on because we lost sports on TV like March Madness and College Baseball. But the good news for me in recent weeks is that I’ve rediscovered some of the old shows of my youth like The Andy Griffith Show, Green Acres, and The Lone Ranger. Remember him, kemosabe? (By the way, he wore a mask too—yeah, the Lone Ranger was ahead of his time!) 

It’s been difficult for us all to not be able to have church. A friend of mine from Louisiana sent me a funny announcement: Since their allowing 500 people in Home Depot, were having church in the plumbing aisle this Sunday—bring your Bible! (So funny!). I have truly missed church! By that I mean gathering with my Church Family and enjoying one another’s company. In many ways this has not been easy. But God has still been good and even this has not been all bad. We have been able to meet in worship on-line and zoom connect groups. And the amazing thing is that our numbers on-line have gone through the roof, growing almost every week, and rising more than 300% from our first couple of weeks on-line. I know it is not the same as when we physically gather but we have every reason to rejoice in these times on-line together. But I do miss everyone—and when we are able to come together for worship and fellowship in a few weeks, and wearing our fashionable face-masks, we will love those moments even more than ever before! It will be a great day and a new day! We will rejoice together in our Great Savior! 

I close with this thought: Our Faith teaches us not only to look for the right side of things, but the bright side of things. It calls for faith, not doubt. Hope, not despair. Love, and not hate. It calls for positive responses to negative circumstances. So as we complete these days of the Coronavirus crisis, may we practice the positive command of scripture: “Rejoice evermore” (1 Thessalonians 5:18). That’s what helps you look for the bright side of things… 

Devotedly yours,

Pastor Ron


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