Out of Doubt

This past Sunday I preached on the topic, What About Doubt? In this message from Matthew 11:1-11 we explored how Jesus helped John the Baptist work through his doubts. (If you missed this message I would recommend that you go to our Website/Facebook and watch this video—especially if you occasionally have a bout with doubt). In this sermon I shared rock solid biblical principles to help you work through any battle with doubt—but I left something out. It’s a prayer which means a lot to me and it may be helpful to you. This prayer comes from the beloved Christian author Charles Swindoll—

Lord, our faith has found a resting place in Your Son, Jesus. Still, like Thomas, we struggle with fears—we entertain doubts. We haven’t put life all together yet. Not until we’re with You will that happen. Thank You for accepting us in our struggles, and thank You for not ignoring our questions. We have asked some of them a hundred times it seems. Thank You for understanding that, though we weep over our losses, we still love You. And when we question the tragedies and calamities of life, it isn’t that we doubt Your right to rule…we’re wrestling to release our own rights. We’re trying to reason our way through.

Thank You for not rejecting us when we fail. Thank you for not leaving us to our doubts. Thank you for the message of Your Book, which includes honest folks like Thomas, who finally did say, “My Lord and my God.” Have patience with us as we try to come to that place too.

I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

May our dear Lord bring us by His grace through our darkest doubts to the bright light of certainty regarding His promises.

Devotedly yours,

Pastor Ron


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