Some Days It Rains

The story is told about an 8-year-old boy named Frank. Frank was supposed to go fishing with his father one Saturday. On Friday night Frank laid everything out and was ready to go. But on Saturday morning he awoke to discover it was raining and they couldn’t go fishing. So 8-year-old Frank grumbled and griped all morning. He kicked the furniture angrily, treated his dog poorly, and complained to his sisters profusely. Everyone agreed—he was not pleasant to be around. Nothing was right in his world that morning. His father tried to explain that farmers needed the rain. But that didn’t satisfy Frank. He complained, “Why does it have to rain today?”

About noon the clouds broke and the sun came out. His dad said, “We couldn’t go fishing this morning, but we can sure fish this afternoon. Let’s go!” So they jumped into the truck and went to the lake. They stayed all afternoon and caught more fish than ever before. They had the time of their lives!

When they came home, they cooked some of the fish for supper. As they were sitting down to eat, Frank’s dad asked him to say the blessing. The little 8-year-old Frank prayed this prayer. “God, if I sounded a little grumpy earlier today, it was because I just couldn’t see far enough ahead.”

That’s the problem isn’t it? Most of the time, we just can’t see far enough ahead. So it would be to our advantage to practice patience in circumstances that are not to our liking and look for better days ahead. And for good reason: The storms will pass, the dark clouds lift, blue skies return and the sun will shine again. God will see to it. In the meantime, don’t react to your given situation poorly, instead respond to all of life positively.

The Apostle Paul offers this Rx for stormy days: “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

That’s a pretty good prescription for what ails us. And who knows? Maybe our best days are ahead of us…

Enjoy today—even if it rains!

Devotedly yours,
Pastor Ron


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