Somebody’s Knocking at Your Door

I like the story of a woman who received an unlikely call…This woman answered her phone and heard a voice say, “Hey, this is Barbara. I know you have been tired lately and going thru a stressful time so I am going to do you a favor tomorrow. And I won’t take no for an answer. I’ll be at the house early, fix breakfast and bring it to you in bed. I’ll get the kids ready and get them off to school. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Then while you relax, read a good book, take a bubble bath and enjoy a lazy day—I’m going to clean your house, wash your clothes, and then prepare a big dinner for the family at night. Tomorrow is your day to relax. How does that sound?”

The woman said, “It sounds great!” Then she asked, “But, tell me again, who are you?” The woman who called said, “Sue, this is Barbara!” After a long silence the woman replied, “Barbara, this isn’t Sue. I think you called the wrong number.” Then after a moment she added, “But, Barbara, are you still coming?”

We all have received an unlikely call from Jesus that we should welcome—He wants to come over to your life and bless you forever. And, yes, it’s your call—so what will you do? If you have never done so—invite Jesus into your life as Savior and Lord! As Jesus said, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in…” (Revelation 3:20). If it’s true for you—Someone’s knocking at your door—Let Him in!

Devotedly yours,
Pastor Ron


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