The Battle With Boredom

Never begin a day without the confidence that it could be a great day! Here’s why:

“This is the day the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24)

The psalmist is inviting us to receive today as a gift from God. The same God who created the world and all there is, also, created today in all it is. This is an amazing gift from God! So we should receive today as a gift with positive possibilities. We should receive it with joy and expectation! We should rejoice and be glad in it!

I am reminding us of this awesome truth from scripture in the midst of an awful pandemic situation. Let’s be honest—that makes the fulfillment of this passage in our daily lives a bit more challenging. Our current predicament is characterized by community restrictions and serious health concerns. Whereas many people are able to continue with work, there are others who have not been able to assume a normal vocational life and many more who have not been able to enjoy any kind of social life because of health considerations and preexisting conditions. Because of the risks and issue of comorbidities, some have not hardly ventured out in public for the last five months. This is tough for those living under such severe limitations. Certainly for all, there is nothing normal about life today regardless of who you are and what your risks might be.

Added to this discussion is another challenge that has come up in numerous conversations and it one of boredom. Some have said, “I’m just so bored!” Given the limitations imposed by the quarantine, it seems natural to sometimes feel that way. It can get old not finding something new to do. Perhaps you can relate—I can. Yeah, I have to admit that there have been a few days in this thing when I was feeling the same way. On one of those occasions, the highlight of the day was folding towels and another was organizing my clothes closet. Boring!

Yet the point of the scripture under consideration is that life comes to us each day as a gift from God and we should receive it as such. Admit it—given the current situation, that is a tall order! But not an impossible one—with God all things are possible! So how do we tackle this problem of boredom and fulfill this valuable promise of scripture? Two suggestions—

First, enjoy spending the day with the Lord. If you will begin each day with the Lord and experience the day with Him, the Lord will assuredly lift you to a higher level of enjoyment and enrichment. Share your days with Him and praise with Him. If you will raise your praise, He will surely bless your days! It’s just the way it works! Take advantage of these days of confinement to shut yourself up to God. That’s the expression saints of old used. It means to focus this time on getting to know God better.

Secondly, enjoy the simple things of life. Let me give you some suggestions—

  • Enjoy laughter: it is medicine for the heart. (Rhonda and I have enjoyed lots of laughter while watching old comedy shows from the past in recent days).
  • Enjoy music: it is refreshment for the soul. (Listen to the music that makes your heart sing with joy). 
  • Enjoy prayer: it is the power source for your will. (Don’t underestimate the healing and energizing power of prayer).
  • Enjoy friendship: it is a well-spring of happiness. (Stay in touch by phone or by your e-device).
  • Enjoy playing: it is child-like refreshment. (Everyone has something they enjoy doing. Now is the time for your favorite hobby or activity).
  • Enjoy reading: it is nutrition for the mind. (Pull out a good book even if it’s a reread—you’ll probably love it and be healthier because of it).
  • Enjoy giving: it is the shortcut to receiving. (God created us to give and that is something we can still do in tough times and be blessed through it).
  • Enjoy family: it is God’s greatest human gift of relationship. (Stay in touch with family and you won’t feel quite so alone).
  • Enjoy loving: it is life’s greatest virtue. (Find ways every day to encourage others through your show of concern and gift of love).

So 2020 may have brought unforeseen changes to your life but the challenges of your life are not insurmountable. You can still face this pandemic thing with faith and confidence. Even though it may feel like the worst of times, it still may end up bringing the best of things. God has a way of redeeming the time. Each day still brings the possibility of positive experiences and great blessings. So tomorrow get up and say: This is a great day for God is still on His throne! Don’t be surprised then at the blessings the day will bring…and there’s nothing boring about that!

Devotedly yours,

Pastor Ron


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