The Story of the Three Acorns

Once growing upon a very tall tree, with branches spread wide, there were three acorns growing side by side. The acorns would share with one another their lofty dreams of the future. They each had great dreams of a bright and promising future.

The first acorn was ambitious to one day be a wooden treasure chest holding in it great and precious gems—like rubies and diamonds. The second acorn aspired to be a large ship which carried a great king. The third acorndreamed of becoming a tall tree, on the lofty peak of a high mountain, lifted up so the world could see.

In time the acorns each fell to the ground where they grew cold and wet and then were buried in the ground. But something began to happen as they somehow came alive and began to grow and grow from the ground to the heights above. The years flew by and they grew tall and strong. Finally, one day a woodsman came and cut down each tree where they lay on the cold damp ground. But their world was about to change…

The first tree was cut into small pieces and the wood was placed neatly in an old barn where it stayed for a long time. One day a man nailed the wood together and made a manger from which his cows could eat. This was not a fulfillment of its ambitious dream. The second tree was made into a small boat and fishermen used it to ply their trade and bring in the catch. This definitely did not satisfy its high aspiration since it was filled daily with smelly fish and common fishermen. The third tree just laid around for some time until it was one day cut into big, rough lumber. No lofty dreams fulfilled here. Each one had failed to realize their hopes for the future.

The first tree was no treasure chest filled with precious gems but instead was only a feeding trough for the cattle—until one day unexpectedly a young Jewish woman called Mary stepped into the barn and gently lay her baby, named Jesus, in the manger. The rarest, greatest treasure of all time now rested in that wooden manger. The second tree was only a common fishing vessel until one day, while resting on the shore, the King of Kings stepped into the small boat and other men pushed out from the shoreline so that King Jesus could teach the people out of the boat. That really was just the beginning of the tiny boat’s adventure with the King of the Ages. This was more than it could have hoped for or even imagined. The third tree felt like a failure—a reject as it sat by the side of a Roman road until one day some soldiers marched by and ordered slaves to pick up the old timber and bring it to a designated place. Then one day as a crowd gathered around, a man named Jesus picked up the heavy lumber and dragged it up a hillsideOnce there the crowd hollered repeatedly “Crucify him” and the soldiers proceeded to nail Jesus to the cross. It was then raised up high for the world to see. That day, on the old rugged tree, the Son of God was crucified. The third tree could never have dreamed that from this very day until today people from all around the whole world would look to the Savior on that tree for forgiveness and eternal life.

The story of The Three Acorns teaches us that life doesn’t always go as you plan and dreams are not always fulfilled as you hope. Yet, even then, you can trust in Him. The Lord will be true to bring about His great purposes in your life. His plans may not always be the same as ours, but His will is always better. Believing this, in our hearts, should help us when times are tough and faith is small.

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’” (Jeremiah 29:11).

Devotedly yours,

Pastor Ron


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