The Supper of Sacrifice

The Anglican Bishop of Durham, a great biblical scholar, had suffered an illness for a period of time. Following his lengthy recovery, a good friend visited him and asked what he had been doing during this time of convalescence, “perhaps, studying your books?” The Bishop answered, “No, I put aside my books and I reflected on the simple fact, day after day, that the Lord Jesus died for me.”

It’s a humbling thing to remember the sacrifice that was paid for us on Calvary’s cross. Jesus did this for you and me fully aware that we did not deserve it and yet He feely gave Himself to it. Nothing would deter Him from this redemptive mission of love.

This Sunday, November 15, we will gather to remember the price that was paid for the forgiveness of our sins.Many of you will be able to come to church where we have prepared to safely distribute the communion packaged bread and juice set as you enter worship. Others will not yet be able to come and will gather with us on-line. If this is true for you, then please have the bread and juice supplies ready to participate with us. Let nothing keep any of us from kneeling at the foot of the cross and remembering the sacrifice that was paid.

As I am writing this devotional, today is Veterans Day, November 11, a day in which we express our gratitude to the many veterans who have served our country to safeguard the freedoms that we so cherish. It has reminded me of an historic World War II marker which still stands as you enter a small European town and reads, “We shall never forget in this village your sacrifice.”

Neither shall we forget the ultimate sacrifice at Calvary…So prepare your heart for this worship experience!

Devotedly yours,

Pastor Ron


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