There Is Always Something For Which You Can Be Glad

I heard about a pastor who preached a sermon in which he urged his people to always find something for which they could be glad no matter the difficult circumstances which came their way. He referred to the classic story of Pollyanna as the inspiration for this challenge. You remember the story…

Pollyanna is an orphan, a child of missionaries, who has been sent to live with her stern and aloof Aunt Polly in Vermont. The Aunt is not particularly happy about her niece coming to live with her, but feels she must take in the child as her moral and family responsibility. Pollyanna’s philosophy of life comes from what she called “the glad game” which she learned from her father. The game consists of finding something to be glad about in every situation. The glad game originated one Christmas when the missionary family opened up a barrel sent to them from those who supported the ministry. The family was hoping to find a doll that Pollyanna had requested. Instead of a doll, they discovered a pair of crutches. Pollyanna’s dad made up the game on the spot and asked Pollyanna to look at the crutches and try to think of something to be glad about. Pollyanna thought for a moment and said, “I’m glad…I’m glad…because I don’t need ‘em!” In the story, Pollyanna’s positive and optimistic attitude inspires an entire town.

Anyway, the pastor who preached the sermon called “The Glad Game” based on Pollyanna said he was challenged by it right after preaching it. It seems that an irate church lady came up to him, got in his face and chewed him out over something. As she walked away, he immediately played the glad game. He smiled and thought, “I’m glad…I’m glad that I’m not married to that woman!”

That story makes me laugh and it serves as a lesson for life. There may be plenty of things in your life right now which could bring you down but try to find some things for which you can be glad. If you do, then it will be sure to lift you up. That alone is something for which you can be glad!

Devotedly yours,

Pastor Ron


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