What Makes Christmas Special

Let’s think about Christmas…What made the first Christmas so special? It was not what Mary bought for Christmas, but what she brought to Christmas—the Christ Child. Christmas was not so much material as it was spiritual. Sure there were gifts—gold, frankincense, and myrrh. But the greatest gifts were these—Mary gave of herself and God gave of Himself. The greatest gifts were simple, spiritual, and supernatural. Not superficial. The focus, in the first Christmas, was on Jesus! That is why scripture says, “And Mary treasured up all these things in her heart” (Luke 2:19).

I have noticed in recent months that things are getting back to normal in routines, activities and gatherings. For this I am so grateful and very much happy. But I would offer one word of caution—As we approach this coming Christmas, let’s not repeat some of the same mistakes of our past, if indeed we are guilty, by placing too much emphasis on the material while neglecting the spiritual. Let’s resolve to keep our focus on the worship of Christ.As D.L. Moody once wrote, “The human heart is very much like thatinn at Bethlehem—no room for Christ…The very first thing we hear when He arrives upon earth is that there is no room for Him…When God made the world, He made plenty of room for you and me. When God made our hearts, He left room in them for Jesus ChristHe it is who has gone to make room for us in heaven.”

Let’s make our primary assignment at Christmas to make room for the Christ of Christmas in our hearts. This is first and foremost!

I’ll tell you a good way to start. This Sunday, December 12, our worship ministry will lead us in a Christmas Worship Celebration! Prepare your heart to worship our Lord in His majesty! This will be an exciting time of worship and celebration (9:30 am & 11:00 am). See you in worship!

Devotedly yours,
Pastor Ron


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