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I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and all went well! I hope the message of “Always giving thanks” (Ephesians 5:20) will stay in your heart as well.

Remember what we’ve learned: For the Christian, there is not a season of thanksgiving because we have every reason for thanksgiving. Thus it should be never-ending. Every day is Thanksgiving Day. The problem is that we tend to take life for granted instead of receiving it all with gratitude.

Emerson once said that if the stars came out only one night a year, everybody would stay up all night to look at them. Since they come out every night we seldom give them a second look. There is truth to that. Since we are around our material possessions—the good things of our life, we seldom give them a second glance. For many, they are around loved ones much of the time and, perhaps, fail to appreciate the gift of these treasured relationships. Maybe we all need to look around at our life—and then thank God for what we have. Let the blessings you enjoy today be a source of joy in every way. See how blessed you are!

Most importantly, let’s not forget what our Savior had done for us. May we always be grateful, always thankful, for the gift of Jesus!

This Sunday marks the start of our Christmas season at church with the songs and sermons of the Birth of our Lord. Come and celebrate our Savior!

Blessing Always,

Pastor Ron


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