Happy Thanksgiving Day

First, let me wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this day is filled with lots of love and joy for you and your family!
I’ve always loved this National Holiday and evidently what it is to me is true for so many. The day before Thanksgiving is the most traveled day of the year. So families and friends love to gather on this special day and enjoy favorite traditions. Most will gather around a dinner table with loved ones and share a delightful meal. Many will enjoy shared activities such as watching a favorite movie or football team, or even playing a group game together. And there will be many who will share Face—Time with a close family member or friend who was unable to be there on this special day. However you celebrate, have a wonderful time—but don’t forget the most important thing. Let’s Give Thanks to God for His goodness!
There’s an overlooked verse, really just a sentence, from the Apostle Paul which serves as a good reminder for us. He said, “And be thankful” (Colossians 3:15). That’s it—in three words. But it says a lot! In the context, Paul is giving specific instructions on how we should live as God’s people who have been forgiven of our sins and given a privileged place with Christ in glory. But having said much concerning this, then he adds one other thought: “And be thankful” (v.15).
So I, too, would add one other thought for you: Be blessed in all you do today— And be thankful! As I said Sunday: We as God’s children should truly enjoy this season of thanksgiving for we have every reason for thanksgiving!
Blessings and Thanksgiving,
Pastor Ron

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