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I have this traveling job where I have to drive a van full of people for long hours. And from both personal drama in my personal life dealing with evil people who seek to harm and rob me and from all the drama on the news, and the virus I can't go to sleep at night. Sometimes I only get a couple hours of sleep. Sometimes I get zero hours of sleep. I will just lay in bed with my eyes closed all night and never sleep a wink. I'll take strong sleeping pills and it will not do anything. Then the next day I got to drive for long hours with other lives in my hands and I'll fall asleep at the wheel and nearly kill everybody. Lucifer is attacking my sleep and driving. Satan and his whorde of demons are trying to murder me with sleep deprivation and sleepiness at the wheel. Sometimes there are other drivers who can switch with me and they have the same problem as me and they too will fall asleep at the wheel and swerve off the side of the road really fast nearly flipping the van and killing us all. Please pray for us over our sleep and driving. Our lives are in danger. Every day I fear it will be my last day in this world and be moving on to the next one. I believe in Jesus so I know I will go to heaven if it is my time to go but I am not ready. I need your prayers. My life depends on it.

Received: June 22, 2020

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