The Lord’s Gift House (read more)

The Gift House was started after Hurricane Andrew, when FBC Pompano collected clothing for the people in Miami and then was informed that they were no longer needed. A few godly women put their heads together and decided that there was a need for clothing here in this area and so they started to build the Gift House, to help the homeless and needy in North Broward.

It started with a few clients and has grown to help thousands and thousands over almost two decades.

The people that come to the LGH today may have been your neighbors that had a financial collapse and lost their house.  It may be people that lost their jobs, their spouses and children or maybe have mental or physical handicaps.

But they all have the same needs, they need clothing, food, and someone to remind them that they matter.

Hope disappears in rough times, love hides itself well, and despair slips in almost like a welcome friend.

Sometimes people just need to know that someone cares.  This is our greatest desire, to be the ear that hears, or the arms that offer a hug, but always to be the face of Christ that reminds them that they are loved.