Ordinary Days

I noticed something a couple of weeks ago as I was driving to church that was of interest to me—the volume of traffic was picking up noticeably. Then this week I observed an increase in vehicles considerably. Even more revealing, I heard the familiar South Florida sound of motorists angrily honking at one another. I haven’t heard that in a while and, frankly, it was sweet music to my ears. Yeah, I loved it! Here’s why—it means things are getting back to normal! We are heading toward Ordinary Days!

Sometimes it feels to me like we’ve been through a season of physical and economic affliction. It reminds me of a passage in the Old Testament where Judah had suffered a time of affliction and oppression from the hand of the Assyrians. But God spoke through His prophet Nahum and promised the people of God that the Sovereign Lord was in charge and still on His throne. Further He would render judgement on Nineveh (Capital City of the Assyrians) in due time for their oppressive action. Indeed, a few years later Assyria was destroyed and Nineveh was wiped off the map—lost in history until their crumbled ruins were unearthed in 1845. Yeah—no matter what happens around us—God gets this last word and it always comes from above us!

In the passage in Nahum God said, “Although I have afflicted you…I will afflict you no more” (6:7).  God is promising the people of Judah that there is a limitation on the time of the affliction. God sends it but then rescinds it! That is also an important spiritual principle for us to remember! And my favorite words in this passage are “no more.”

I believe we are heading toward the no more season of our own pandemic affliction. But it doesn’t mean we have nothing to do. We must endure these coming days with quiet patience and due diligence until God’s purposes are completed. God is still using these last days—maybe weeks to teach us things we would not know otherwise. God is still shaping us by the circumstances which have fallen on us. Don’t waste these days—but instead learn and live. What is true for us is true for all of those around us. God is up to something in our lives, church, community, nation and world. Let’s be careful not to miss it!  Lord, what is it that we all should learn and do which would be pleasing to you? Teach us, O’ Lord!

But as surely as I write this today there is soon coming a glad day. On that day our Sovereign Lord will declare, “No more!” And that is something for which we should begin now to rejoice! In the words of C.H. Spurgeon, “It is not difficult for the Lord to turn night into day. He who sends the clouds can just as easily clear the skies. Let us be encouraged—things are better down the road… Before much time has passed, we may be just as happy as we are sorrowful now. So let us sing God’s praises in anticipation of things to come.” Amen and Amen!

Indeed, Ordinary Days (along with good times) are coming soon! I promise…

Devotedly yours,

Pastor Ron


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